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Car model S102

Car model S102

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Finish surface

S102 is inspired by one of the most iconic racing cars of all times and a tribute to a friend that owned one in the 60s.

Kit S102

1 car model S102 in stainless steel with magnetic properties. Made in USA.2

Surface finish options: Antique or Mirror polish (please select).

3-1/64 inch (length) x 23/32 (height) x 15/32 (width) (76.4 x 18.4 x 11.9 mm)

1 podium with a back metal plate to display the car model on his own, inside like a picture frame or with our optional magnet on a wall, on your toolbox, on some home furniture’s or appliances. Made in USA.


A choice of 2X M4 screws in Stainless polish and 2X M4 screws in Black oxide to attach the car model in the podium.

2X M4 serrated flanges locknuts in Black oxide to maintain the car model inside the podium.

1 L-Key 2.5mm.

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